Healing Anxious Attachment

$79.00 USD

Do you feel like "too much"? Is it hard to trust others? Do you feel like you have to chase people for love?

From the author who brought you Offbeat Bride and From Sh!tshow to Afterglow, learn to recognize and befriend your anxious attachment, so you can shift how you relate to it, and reduce its power over your choices and behavior!

✔ Self-directed course

✔ 9 video segments

✔ 3 modules

✔ 2 worksheets


What People Are Saying:

This course is totally worth the price of admission, right here. Illuminating. It's like having a good friend sit me down and make all the connections to my life of what my therapist has been telling me.

Mandy P.

As someone who didn’t immediately identify as an “anxious attacher,” I was doubly wowed by the actionable, accessible lessons Ariel imparts (as well as the revelation that indeed I do have anxious attachment issues). If you’ve ill-advisedly chased anything out of reach—a person, a job, a friend—and wondered if you’re the reason you didn’t attain it, this is for you.

Courtney R.

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