1-on-1 Mentoring

If you're familiar with my work and want to go deeper with me, I am available on a very limited basis for a few 1-on-1 mentoring clients.


What awkward AF transition can I help you navigate?

For many folks, reading my book From Sh!tshow To Afterglow will be enough.

For some folks, joining my members-only platform, The Afterglow, will be enough.

But for a few folks, they want a more hands-on approach. They want one-on-one guidance. They want compassionate, tough-love mentoring. 

I believe that when you're truly doing the work, you're bringing the same skills to the table across all situations -- personal development, business development, relationship and partnerships, and spiritual growth.

If it's not integrated, it's not going to stick.

This in mind, I bring a mix of approaches to the table, including my small business acumen, my personal practices with the Enneagram and anxious attachment work, spiritual inquiry, embodied physical practices, and more.

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I can help you navigate:

  • Small business schemes and empire-building: I bootstrapped a profitable business from scratch, and 15 years later it's still kickin'. I love talking entrepreneurial ennui, different flavors of hustle, how to stay in integrity while paying those bills, social media strategy, and so much more.
  • Book birthing: Between the three editions of Offbeat Bride, PROS BEFORE BROS, and Shitshow (plus another book that's in a drawer never to be seen), I've authored a half-dozen books. I'm here to help you figure out your strategy, including whether to go with a publisher or self-publish.
  • Embodiment encouragement: As a nerd who ignored fitness, I know what it's like to try to move back into your bones after a lifetime of ignoring your body. As someone with a chronic health condition, I also know what it's like to move through pain and challenge.
  • Braving a break-up or divorce: If you've read Shitshow, you know I've been there. Transmuting heartbreak into action is one of the most excruciating alchemies I've ever been through, and I'm happy to deep dive on practical strategies to help you make it through the darkest days.
  • Dating & Relationship support: I can talk to you about marriage, dating, anxious attachment, open relationships, how to communicate effectively about sex and desire, and more. 
  • Using the Enneagram for spiritual growth: I have an online course about using mindfulness with the Enneagram to break out of your personality's traps, but I love to go deep on this stuff one-on-one. 

Ready to work together?

My time for mentorship is very limited, and I only meet with a couple clients at a time.

Rates are $100/hr. Get in touch to see if we'd be a good fit.