Are you ready to find joy in your body?

Get in touch with your body and your soul with a daily devotional movement practice. Lapdances4god is a 30-day self-directed course that helps you create an intuitive movement practice that brings connection, sensuality, and a powerful spiritual practice into your life.


Do you feel weirdly disconnected from your body?

  • Do you hate exercise, and associate it with punishment and hating yourself?
  • Have you spent so much time scrolling that you've forgotten how to be in your body?
  • Has taking care of your children made you feel like you don't have time to care of yourself?
  • Do you spend all your time up in your brain, forgetting your body completely until it hurts and forces you to notice it?
  • Do you want to feel more connected to a spiritual practice?
  • Did you used to dance, but don't any more and miss it?
  • Are you dealing with chronic conditions that make you feel locked up, constricted, or numb?
  • Do you wish you could feel sexy and playful in your body?

I totally get it — that was me too.



I'm Ariel, and I'll be your dance doula.

I'm the author of three books including Offbeat Bride and From Sh!tshow To Afterglow. I've spent my entire life up in my head, nerding out and completely ignoring my body.

When my life fell apart in 2015 (medical emergency, turning 40, and my marriage abruptly ending), I tried using all my brain's best tools to heal... but it turned out my brain couldn't help. I tried everything -- reading books, talk therapy, seated meditation. My reward was crushing anxiety, insomnia, and debilitating panic attacks. 

In a moment of desperation, crying one night, I put on headphones and started dancing.

Five years later, I'm still dancing.

Won't you join me?


Daily conscious movement can change your life...

Here's what Lapdances4god students have to say:


Clare P.

This course was exactly what I was looking for. Each day has a simple outline and the structure lets you dive in as deeply as you want, whether that's just getting your body used to new movements or going full woo.

As someone who had previously dabbled with movement practice but struggled to turn it into a ongoing habit, completing Lapdances4god helped me break that barrier and I've found a daily practice that works for me.


Shannon D.

Lapdancing4god is just plain fun! For all the dance-crying I’ve done, I’ve also dance-laughed, dance-goofed off, dance-seduced myself, and dance-blown kisses at my reflection.

As a yoga teacher of mine used to say, “It doesn’t matter what it looks like. If you’re feeling it and you’re breathing, you’re doing it right.” Ariel embodies this same energy. She is the cheerleader and dance doula and spiritual big sister of my dreams.


Amie S.

You might think starting a daily movement practice called Lapdances4god sounds extremely woo-woo and totally insane, but I’m here to tell you that it’s f*cking life-changing!

Ariel is a great guide who offers flexibility and relatability, and she really engages with her community.

She’s created a movement course that is introspective, body positive, challenging, enlightening, and AMAZING. 


Marya G.

I signed up because I wanted to create a dance meditation as daily practice. Ariel was authentic, personal, irreverent, and spiritual encouraging us to try things in and outside of our comfort zone, things that made us feel silly, sexy, strong, and sacred. I loved the course -- one of my favourite online courses I’ve ever taken!

Lapdances4god can be for anyone who loves some form of dancing, whether they’re a dancer or not, who is looking to add a new dimension to their practice or experience a different relationship with their body.

Ready to birth your new daily devotional movement practice?



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  • Dedicated Spotify playlist so you can dance along
  • Group coaching for all students
  • Access to seasonal cohort groups for go through the course with daily prompts & , and more one-on-one support from Ariel
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