Are you in a SH!TSHOW, trying to FIND YOUR AFTERGLOW?

Hey, I'm Ariel, and I believe in you

If you're in the thick of a shitshow (stuff like divorce, career upheaval, or oh you know all of 2020!) and you're looking for inspiration and a sexy spark help you make it through the dark days, I invite you to subscribe to The Afterglow, my members-only private publication.

I launched The Afterglow as an intimate space to get balls-deep in all the weirdness. It's for folks who read my book, From Sh!tshow To Afterglowwho want to know what got cut out and what comes next. The Afterglow gives you the good shit — the stuff that's too raw, too dirty, too vulnerable for public consumption. 

The Afterglow gives you intimate access to me, and a richer experience with my work.  If you want it to, it can act as a launchpad for your own work -- or you can just treat it like a heady, existential OnlyFans... but with less boobs, and more online courses. 

The Afterglow is inspo to get you through this shitshow.


Daily lapdances for god

Do you feel disconnected from your body? I use insta's "close friends" feature to share what I call LAPDANCES FOR GOD. It's a daily movement practice that's half meditation, half me sticking my butt in the air because it feels fun and I think the divine would like it. Join me!

New essays biweekly

I email subscribers every other Friday with contemplations for your weekend. My meaty, long-form essays cover everything from self-dev, unapologetic sexuality, relationships, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and more. Each one ends with prompts for your own work, helping you find YOUR afterglow.

Massive private library 

Subscribers get 24/7 access to The Afterglow's huge private library filled all my publishing work that's too raw and vulnerable for primetime. We're talkin' 50 essays with journal prompts, 15 deleted scenes from Shitshow, an erotic audiobook, guided meditations, resources, and online courses.

Membership benefit:
Deleted scenes from Sh!tshow

My third book, From Sh!tshow To Afterglow, was originally a memoir — and a LOT of material got left on the cutting room floor. These are the chapters that were too sexy, too woo-woo, too weird, and too fucking raw for mainstream publication. We're talking stuff like the chapter about a misguided threesome with an obgyn, the dance video from my first burlesque class, and a chapter about shooting lightning bolts out of my palms. Members of The Afterglow get access to 15 chapters' worth of uncut raw material — all the stuff that was too shitshowy for primetime.


The Afterglow is for you if...

  • You read From Sh!tshow To Afterglow, and want more — much, much more.
  • It feels like your life exploded, and you're trying to figure out what to grow in the gaping hole that's leftover.
  • You're going through a pandemic divorce and need hope about what's on the other side.
  • You came of age during the heyday of Offbeat Bride, and wish there was something like that for THIS time in your life.
  • You want to use your quarantine time to actually DO something
  • You want shitshow inspo but are done with ad-plastered blogs and of algorithmically-jacked social feeds.

Membership benefit: 
"Lapdances for god" videos

As a nerd who's spent most of my life up in my brain, rattling around with the mind monkeys and studiously ignoring my body, using movement as a tool for embodied meditation and personal growth has been a game-changer in my life. I mostly dance for myself and the divine, but I share daily snippets with The Afterglow members on Insta. My intent is that they inspire members in their own movement practices, but if you just like to watch, that's fine too.


NSFW self-dev is totally a thing

The Afterglow grants you intimate access to my most vulnerable work including essays, photos, videos. You'll get everything from NSFW self-dev, entrepreneurial ennui, spiritual growth, and sexual exploration. You'll also get prayers and guided meditations... but I hope you're down with guided meditations that mention breathing through your taint?

Looking for a distraction? The Afterglow is the only place to listen to the my erotic audiobook, PROS BEFORE BROS, and the read deleted scenes from Sh!tshow. Need guidance? Members of The Afterglow get access to all my online courses, first and for free. The Afterglow is here to help you feel less isolated, more connected, and more in your body.

The Afterglow is inspo to get you through this shitshow

Membership benefit:

The audiobook for my second book, PROS BEFORE BROS is available exclusively to members of The Afterglow. PROS BEFORE BROS is a true story about sex work and grabbing your own healing by the balls, the narrative explores identity, feminism, shame, surrender, gender roles, bdsm, empowerment, embodiment, and trying to get out of your own damn head.


What subscribers are saying...

Marie L.

Ariel pushes her readers to, well, push themselves. Her work is honest and raw and beautiful.

Serene C.

Fuuuuck, [this] makes me feel so seen. Lots of tears (real tears)... but it's also incredibly reassuring.

Kristi K.

Ariel's self-development writing is some of my favorite... EVER, from anyone. 
Her process resonates big time.

Bonus for Annual Subscribers

Luxe Afterglow Altar Set

I want your membership to The Afterglow to be a full sensory experience. I don't just want it to be words in your head, I want you to have these curated talismanic objects in your hands and against your skin as we do this work together:

  • Handstamped raw brass Shitshow to Afterglow hoop earrings
  • Handmade Afterglow meditation candle 
  • Luxe gold-embossed Moleskine journal
  • Signed author's edition of From Sh!tshow To Afterglow

Annual members get this $200 set, and all the benefits of a monthly membership -- plus an annual discount (2 months free!).


Subscribe to The Afterglow

Scholarships available. Each month I offer five monthly membership scholarships, with priority given to BIPOC, folks living with disabilities, and single parents. Don't be shy.

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