Did you survive a SH!TSHOW? Ready to FIND YOUR AFTERGLOW?

Hey, I'm Ariel, and I believe in you

If you're coming off a shitshow (stuff like a breakup-up, break-down, break-through, or oh you know all of 2020!) and you're ready to step into your new life, I invite you to join The Afterglow, my members-only private publication. The Afterglow gets you all the good shit — access to all my online courses, plus all my writing and videos that are too raw, too dirty, or too vulnerable for public consumption. 

The Afterglow is inspo to get you through your shitshow.

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Afterglow members get immediate access to all my online courses

Mindfulness & The Enneagram Mini-Course

Learn more about your personality type -- and then learn how you can use your ego's ruts to find more ease in your life! Four video modules + worksheets. Value: $39

Healing Anxious Attachment Course

If you're always chasing people in your life, and have been told you're clingy or needy, it's time to heal your anxious attachment. 9 video modules + worksheets. Value: $79

Lapdances4god: 4 weeks of daily devotional dance

I'm here to help you establish a daily conscious movement practice with exercises, prompts, and cheerleading. 20 video modules + group coaching. Value: $127

JOIN NOW $99/yr

Your annual membership to The Afterglow also includes...

Private essay library 

Subscribers get immediate access to The Afterglow's ever-growing private library filled my writing that's too raw and vulnerable for primetime. We're talkin' 40+ essays about relationships, spirituality, sex, and more. This is an entire book's worth of writing!

Erotica, both written & read

Your annual subscription also grants you immediate access to the audiobook for my erotic nonfiction book, PROS BEFORE BROS, plus 15 deleted scenes from my third book, From Sh!tshow To Afterglow. Several of these scenes are filthy AF!

Monthly goodies!

The Afterglow is my favorite place on the internet, and it's actively expanding...I'm always adding new essays, guided meditations, and courses. Plus, I host monthly chats and giveaways for members with prizes valued in the hundreds of dollars!

Membership benefit: 
Be an Insta "close friend"

An annual membership to The Afterglow also gets you added to my private friend list for the @findyourafterglow Insta account. I post stories most days on Instagram (...UG! Addiction takes many forms...) and my "close friends" stories include snippets of my morning "lapdances for god" movement practice, behind the scenes gossip, personal confessions, and more. DMing with subscribers is my favorite medicine...
I love it when y'all slide into my DMs!

JOIN NOW $99/yr

The Afterglow is for you if...

  • You read From Sh!tshow To Afterglow, and want more — much, much more.
  • It feels like your life exploded, and you're trying to figure out what to grow in the gaping hole that's leftover.
  • You're going through a pandemic divorce and need hope about what's on the other side.
  • You came of age during the heyday of Offbeat Bride, and wish there was something like that for THIS time in your life.
  • You want to use your quarantine time to actually DO something
  • You want shitshow inspo but are done with ad-plastered blogs and of algorithmically-jacked social feeds.

What members are saying...


I am in love with The Afterglow! It’s soooo much value! I’m totally blown away and impressed. From Shitshow To Afterglow has been such a friend to me. Lapdances4god has been such a friend. The anxious attachment course was so powerful and simple and helpful for me.

I am so grateful. 

Serene C.

The Afterglow is one of my small but impactful acts of self care.

Ariel gives inspiring, challenging, and thought-provoking essays which often turn the mundane into the magical.

Jill H.

The Afterglow is the only content platform where I have paid for a yearly subscription, simply because I couldn't be without Ariel's raw, real, and rejuvenating writing style. Her words often shake me down to my soul, and make my personal shitshow struggles feel seen and shared. Sometimes I snort laugh, sometimes I ugly cry, but I always feel supported by whatever content Ariel creates.

NSFW self-dev is a thing

The Afterglow grants you intimate access to my most vulnerable work including essays, photos, videos. You'll get everything from NSFW self-dev, spiritual growth, and sexual exploration. You'll also get prayers and guided meditations... but I hope you're down with guided meditations that mention breathing through your taint?

Looking for a distraction? The Afterglow is the only place to listen to the my erotic audiobook, PROS BEFORE BROS, and the read deleted scenes from Sh!tshowNeed guidance? Members of The Afterglow get access to all my online courses, first and for free. The Afterglow is here to help you feel less isolated, more connected, and more in your body.

The Afterglow is real-talk inspo a new phase of your life