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What if your mental ruts could actually HELP you?

In this course, I guide you through how to combine Mindfulness & The Enneagram to help you catch your ego getting up to its tricks, mindlessly driving you toward ever more restricted, limited living. 

  • How do you know when your ego is driving? You'll know when your life feels like a series of rigid obligations and old ruts. You'll know when you feel a sense of being trapped, and feel like you always end up dealing with the same shit, over and over again. 
  • By using mindfulness and the framework of the enneagram, you can spot your ego trying to talk you into a nice safe corner. (That corner might seem safe, but if you stay there, eventually you may end up feeling trapped, out of choices, and like your life is just an endless series of loops! I've been there.)
  • In this course, I'll teach you now to use your mind's favorite ruts as cues to help you find awareness.
  • With practice, you can loosen your mind's hold on your choices, freeing you up to make new mistakes, and find a life that feels more expansive! 
Mindfulness and the Enneagram

Mindfulness & The Enneagram

Learn how to combine two self-awareness tools to help you lovingly spot your ego's games, and let your life feel less sucky and more wide open to new possibilities.

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