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Are you sick of always chasing people?

  • Do you feel like you're always chasing people for their attention?
  • Do you have this nagging feeling of being "too much"?
  • Do you have patterns of gravitating toward people who are unavailable, disinterested, or even outright dismissive?

Anxious attachment is a completely natural mammalian adaptation. You're not broken — but you do need to understand how your attachment issues drive you to subconsciously make choices that may not help you get where you want to go.

In this course, I share the process I've worked through over the last five years to recognize, befriend, and heal my anxious attachment.

The course includes 9 video segments and takes about an hour. 

If you've wrestled with this stuff, then you already know how anxious attachment can subconsciously drive all sorts of behaviors in your life — the obsessing, the chasing, the constant fear of rejection. If you're like me, you've looked at choices you've made and been like WHAT THE FUCK WHY DO I KEEP DOING THAT!?

The good news is that you can heal it. If my anxiously attached ass can do it, yours can too.  


Mindfulness and the Enneagram

Healing Anxious Attachment

Learn to recognize and befriend your anxious attachment, so you can shift how you relate to it, and reduce its power over your choices and behavior!

$79 USD

Emily Griffin

Emily G.

As someone who's struggled with the pain of getting hooked by the zing of anxious attachments in romantic, friend, and work relationships, it helps to know I'm not alone on my healing journey.

Ariel's Healing Anxious Attachment course is like having a friend right there to see me, offer key resources, and remind me I can do it! It's a valuable education on the push/pull dynamics so many of us wresle with play -- she's unwavering in her guidance that it's up to me to stay aware, practice boundaries, and find ways to love myself without compromise.

Truly the greatest gift I could give myself. The course is beautifully crafted from the realness of her lived experience -- 10/10 would recommend to anyone who's tender heart needs some tough love realness to break the vicious cycle. 

What if your mental ruts could actually HELP you?

Does your life feel like you're trapped, and like you always end up dealing with the same shit, over and over again? In this course, I guide you through how to combine Mindfulness & The Enneagram to help you catch your ego getting up to its tricks, mindlessly driving you toward ever more restricted, limited living. 

  • How can you recognize when your ego is subconsciously driving your choices, without you even noticing? 
  • How can you get out of the corners you've painted yourself into?
  • How can you use your mind's favorite ruts as cues to help you find awareness.

This quick course gives you tools that, with practice, you can use to loosen your mind's hold on your choices, freeing you up to make new mistakes, and find a life that feels more expansive! 

Mindfulness and the Enneagram

Mindfulness & The Enneagram

Learn how to combine two self-awareness tools to help you lovingly spot your ego's games, and let your life feel less sucky and more wide open to new possibilities.

$39 USD


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