Limited edition Afterglow Altar sets

A luxe curated lifestyle set that's only available to members of The Afterglow, my private publication. 

The talismans

I want your year with The Afterglow to be a full sensory experience. I don't just want it to be words in your head and videos on your screen, I want you to have these talismanic objects in your hands and against your skin as we do this work together.

Let's take a tour of the curated objects included with the limited edition Afterglow Altar Sets...


One-of-a-kind hand-stamped raw brass wearable art

Each Afterglow Altar Set includes exclusive wearable art pieces I designed in collaboration with wearable art and jewelrymaker, Squirrel vs Coyote. These raw brass earrings have long daggers that hang from each hoop. Each dagger has been hand-stamped with tiny letters reading SHITSHOW and AFTERGLOW. Wear them together to comment on the suchness of life, or wear one at a time to match your mood! Each is truly one of a kind. This jewelry acts as an invitation to carry the Afterglow's themes on your body, feeling them against your skin in your daily life.

Meditation candle

Hand-poured custom soy candles

I worked closely with Kay from UNLAX Candles to collaborate on the fragrance for these hand-poured soy candles. They're a warm woody blend -- a little sandalwood, a little amber, and *sniffs deeply* what's the other fragrance? Could it be... NONDUALITY?! Or maybe it's just an undertone of patchouli. Each 10oz candle is a black glass vessel. UNLAX is not only a female-owned business, it's not only a black-female owned business, it's also a black female service-woman-owned business. Kay makes amazing candles, and is also literally a real American hero.

Moleskine journal

Afterglow-emblazoned Moleskine journal

Every chapter of my book From Sh!tshow to Afterglow ends with a section called FIND YOUR AFTERGLOW, offering journal prompts and tough questions to inspire self-reflection. Each essay that's published in of The Afterglow also includes FIND YOUR AFTERGLOW questions at the end, and they're no less grueling. You're never asked to share your answers, but if you should feel called to, this journal is exactly the to write them. 80 smooth, lined pages waiting for your deepest thoughts and wildest shadow work.

Author's edition of Shitshow

Signed & inscribed author's edition of From Sh!tshow To Afterglow

Each set also includes a signed and inscribed author's edition of my new book. It's no secret that I hate the design that ended up on the cover of the book (did you know that authors' have no control over their book's titles or covers? It's true!), so the author's edition has the cover I wanted for this book: simple, clean, minimal. Logo on the front, title on the spine, and the rest is a clean blank slate, just like your new life. If you already have a copy, I'm happy to inscribe this copy for a friend! 


Curated with love and hand-packaged with intent

I lovingly assemble each Afterglow Altar Set into a luxe package. This is my favorite part! Each talisman is handled with reverence and intent.

I wrap the jewelry in prayers and gold ribbon, stick it on the journal and top it with a green gift from the season. I nestle the candle into this 3-D printed eco-friendly cardboard packing peanuts, and then tuck the author's edition of my book on top.

Then it's all wrapped in black with a gold ribbon. There's a lot of singing and prayer involved. I love touching and loving these talismanic objects and thinking of how they'll find you. This is part of how I connect to my readers.

The total value of these stunning packages is $200.

What members are saying about their Afterglow Altar Sets

Kirsten J. Sollee

"I received my Afterglow Altar Set and immediately felt a sense of connection and being a part of something bigger. We may feel alone at moments in our own shitshow, we may sit quietly in the dark and grapple with our sense of loneliness, but when I placed the candle on my altar and sat in meditation, I felt surrounded and held by the collective grief we are all experiencing, and I felt less alone." -A. Sigmund

K Benson

"Reading From Shitshow to Afterglow felt like taking the best healing medicine possible, hearing Ariel's voice as she read it felt like I called in companionship during a time of deep confusion and sadness. Wearing the earrings that came with my Afterglow Altar Set serves as a reminder to me that I have the tools I need to heal myself." -K. Benson


The only way to get one of these sets is to be a member of The Afterglow. Each month, I'll host a community thread where members can enter to win an Afterglow Altar Set, valued at $200.