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Are you on the struggle bus, looking for support and hope as you navigate a tough time? I'm Ariel, and I'm here to empower you to cut through all the self-dev bullshit, and help you find what works for you.

Whether it's a break-up, break down, or breakthrough, if your shit feels really fucked up, Find Your Afterglow is here to help you dig in and rebuild.

Take one of my stand-alone online courses, or join my community The Afterglow... either way, I'm here with inspo to get you through this shitshow!


Find your way from Sh!tshow to Afterglow

Hi, I'm Ariel, the author of From Sh!tshow to Afterglow: Putting Life Back Together When It All Falls Apart.

If I learned anything about shitshows, it's that they're are like a freeway: we each have different on-ramps, but once you’re on it, things move whether you want them to or not, and you can’t really slow down.

For some of us it's a divorce, for some of us it's a health scare, for some of us it's losing a job... for some of us it's just the entirety of 2020!

My personal crisis was a triple-punch of turning 40, a medical crisis, and an abrupt divorce. (WTF!) As the dust settled, I decided that self-development would be my hobby, my hookup, my sport, and my best friend.

It took me a few years to find the glow that comes after you heal, but now I'm here to help YOU find your afterglow: that point when you look into the gaping hole that used to be your life and realize, "I might be able to grow some amazing things down here if I really try..."

The Afterglow is my private, members-only publication that's full of inspo to get you through your shitshow.

From Sh!tshow to Afterglow

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Healing Anxious Attachment

As the founder of Offbeat Bride, I've been guiding couples through relationship transitions for 15 years. One of the things I've seen over and over is the way anxious attachment plays out in adult relationships -- including my own! 

You might be an anxious attacher if you...

  • Feel like you're always chasing people
  • Have this nagging sensation of being "too needy" or "too much"
  • Gravitate toward people who are unavailable, disinterested, or even outright dismissive

If you recognize that you have anxiously attachment issues, I need you to know this: it's a completely natural adaptation! You're not broken — but you do need to understand how your attachment issues can drive you to subconsciously make choices that may not help you get where you want to go.

In this course, I share the process I've worked through over the last five years to recognize, befriend, and heal my anxious attachment. If MY anxiously attached ass can do it, yours can too.

Healing Anxious Attachment

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Learn to recognize and befriend your anxious attachment, so you can shift how you relate to it, and reduce its power over your choices and behavior!

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